Chinese Live Streamer “Brother Three Thousand” dies after challenge downing spirit Baijiu

Chinese Live Streamer “Brother Three Thousand” dies after challenge downing spirit Baijiu

Popular Chinese live streamer “Brother Three Thousand,” whose real name was Wang, has tragically lost his life after engaging in a binge-drinking challenge during a live stream.

Wang, based in Jiangsu, was found dead in his apartment on May 16th, following a night where he consumed multiple bottles of Baijiu, a strong Chinese liquor, as a forfeit for losing drinking battles with other streamers.

In his final stream on Douyin, a video-sharing platform, the 34-year-old can be seen downing four bottles of Baijiu, lighting the alcohol on fire to demonstrate its authenticity before consuming the rest.

He continued this pattern with another three bottles, reportedly driven by the loss of the drinking competitions.

Viewers estimated that Wang drank at least seven bottles of Baijiu that night.

Wang’s friend, Mr. Zhao, who had appeared in previous videos with him, discovered Wang’s lifeless body approximately 12 hours after his final streamed video. Mr. Zhao speculated that Wang had also been drinking before starting the stream.

The live streamer was cremated, and in a video shared by Mr. Zhao to commemorate him, he expressed a desire for there to be no more live stream challenges and Baijiu in heaven.

Wang had faced account suspensions on Douyin, likely due to his excessive drinking content. Although Douyin prohibits drinking during live streams, Wang would create new accounts, with his latest garnering around 44,000 followers.

In a previous video, he had promised to consume a large quantity of Baijiu once viewer donations reached a specified target.

Wang’s death once again raises concerns about the dangerous stunts performed by some live streamers to attract more monetary gifts from their audience.

This incident follows the tragic death of a Chinese influencer in 2021, who was encouraged by viewers to consume pesticides during a live stream.

The incident serves as a grim reminder of the risks associated with reckless behavior in pursuit of entertainment.

It highlights the urgent need for stricter regulations and safeguards within the live-streaming industry to ensure the well-being of content creators and viewers alike.

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